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  1. The basic concept of cabinet damping is to make it more acoustically dead. The effectiveness of damping materials decreases with decreasing frequencies. So, it may reach a point of diminishing returns in the organ case. Panel vibration colours the sound which may be more important in a HiFi scenario than an organ situation. Internal cabinet bracing is one means to minimise panel vibration, but complicates the design and cost of the speaker cabinet since bracing materials take up space and must be compensated for by enlarging the cabinet.

  2. Good Resource list that you have here. I remember the first project that I did with one of my son’s when he was 8 years old.We built a bird house and he was so excited that Dad wanted to help him build something that he had ask about several times. I have to say that we had a blast building that little simple bird house and he really did a good job on it. After that it was hard to keep him out of the shop even when I was building costume projects for customers. But, I usually let him help me do some sanding or something that was simple. Anyway he is 20 now and he still does woodworking when he wants to build something.

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